REVIEW: Need by Sherri Hayes


Need is the 2nd installment of the Finding Anna series.  And chronicles the love story of Brianna Reeves, forced into slavery by a rich sadist, and Stephan Coleman, a rich philanthropist who buys her out of that slavery.  The book begins with Brianna finally realizing that she is no longer a slave, and what that will mean for her relationship with Stephan.  I must admit when I received the ARC from Netgalley, I was excited to see what would happen next for these characters.  Would Brianna choose to walk away from Stephan or stay and find out where their relationship could go?  Would Brianna’s father find her?  Would Stephan’s uncle force Stephan to send Brianna into counseling?  And while those questions were answered eventually, it missed the point of the book entirely.  While I focused heavily on the plot of the Finding Anna series, Sherri Hayes wrote eloquently of the psychology of Brianna and Stephan’s relationship.  And how you would mentally, emotionally, and physically open yourself up to a BDSM relationship, after experiencing nearly a year’s worth of physical abuse.  As well as, how you would help someone through that experience.  I was gripped by Brianna’s struggle to be normal, and Stephan’s patience and understanding to help her through that struggle.  Part of me still wanted to see a bit more plot. But what kept me thinking about these characters long after I finished the book, was the battered psyche of a troubled young woman and the devotion of the man who loved her.  If you haven’t picked-up your copy, please do.  This series is worth reading.

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