REVIEW: Theory of Attraction


A few months ago, I made the mistake of checking in to my flight from my computer, before I left my hotel. And I didn’t bother to see if it was still on schedule. When I arrived at the airport, my flight had been delayed by 3 hours. 3 hours!!! Of course, in the digital age that’s not as devastating as it used to be. After all, I had my iPad, full of my favorite ebooks. But when you have a long wait in a heavily populated airport, you want a really great, really quick read. And I did not have one. I would have killed for a short, fun, and (ahem) stimulating read like The Theory of Attraction. It tells the burgeoning love story between Rocket Science geek extraordinaire, Ivan and his semi-computer geek neighbor, Cami. Ivan enlists Cami to teach him social skills that he appears to be lacking. And in the bargain, Ivan teaches Cami a few tricks of his own. I love finding new erotica writers. And Delphine Dryden is definitely a great find. Even though it was a short read, I never felt like the relationship was rushed. I never felt like I didn’t have enough time to grow to care about these characters, and how they end up. Writing good, short novels is a skill set that not a lot of writers have. But Delphine Dryden has that skill set in abundance. And I look forward to reading more of her stuff. This is definitely chick lit worth reading.

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