BEST SECRET GEM OF THE MONTH: The Chocolate Thief by Laura Florand


First came chocolate.  Then came men.  Then came chocolate and men and sex.  3 things that go together like no other erotic combination in the world.  What makes these 3 things so intoxicating is not the endless amount of hours a girl could get lost..  But that society doesn’t really give a damn.  It is perfectly acceptable by those invisible Standard Bearers to indulge in and perversely explore any number of acts that include a handful of chocolate, a big warm bed, and a hot-blooded man.  And Laura Florand’s The Chocolate Thief does just that.  Cade Corey is the heir apparent to Corey Bars, a chocolate industries juggernaut.  And Cade has a dream.  She dreams of bringing the finest Parisian chocolate to her family’s company, and Sylvain Marquis is the chocolatier that will help her do just that.  Except, Sylvain has no desire to have Corey Bars on the labels of HIS chocolate.  But Cade is not taking no for an answer.  And what ensues is a delightful, fun, and extremely sensual ride.  I had such a good time reading this book.  It always makes me so happy when I can discover a new author with a fresh and flirty writing style.  And Florand has that kind of writing style in spades.  I loved Cade.  I loved the moody Frenchman, Sylvain.  And I loved that Cade went after what she wanted, using any means necessary.  And I hope that I will get to read more of their story. This is definitely chick lit worth reading.

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