FIRST TIME AUTHOR REVIEW: The Booby Trap by Anne Browning Walker


I wanted to like this book.  I really did.  It had all the sexy romantic bits I love.  There’s the rich and sexy hero Trip Whitley.  Who needs a dumb blonde to parade under his family’s nose.  And the smart and sexy Bambi Benson, who Trip thinks is the dumb blonde he’s looking for.  There’s Trip’s disapproving parents that you love to hate.  And an ex-girlfriend, a TV gossip columnist, and a publicist who all seem hell-bent on keeping Trip and Bambi from getting together.  Throw in a few lies by omission, and a few regular old lies and you’ve got a rom-com worth reading.  But then there’s the dialogue.  It’s so wooden, you want to drive nails through it.  I don’t know anyone who talks like any of the characters in this book.  I know Anne Browning Walker is a first time novelist.  So, I don’t want to be too critical.  After all, she came up with likable characters and a good story.  And I like this book enough to keep reading her stuff.  I just wished what they said lived up to the rest of the book.

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