REVIEW: If I Were You by Lisa Renee Jones


“If you liked Fifty Shades…”  If I had a dollar for every time I read those words, I would be vacationing in Costa Rica right now.  It seems that every publishing house is jumping on the bandwagon to exploit the success of the Twilight fanfiction turned erotica trilogy. And after reading If I Were You by Lisa Renee Jones, I have to say… if you liked Fifty Shades, then you’ll like this book.  I swear!  I promise you it’s the truth.  If I Were You tells the dark and twisty love story of Sara McMillan, high school teacher turned Art Gallery employee, and Chris Merit, a rich and famous artist she meets at the gallery.  Now there’s a whole suspense element to this book that some of you may like.  But since that’s not my thing, I’ll just focus on the relationship element of the book.  Don’t get the wrong impression though. This isn’t your typical boy meets girl love story.  Chris is as bent as they come.  He’s got daddy issues, mommy issues, and control issues.  Sara’s not that much better.  She’s at a major crossroad in her life.  She’s juggling her new job (with a very domineering boss).  She’s managing a new and turbulent relationship with Chris.  And she’s trying to find a missing woman she’s never met. The failure of most books that advertise they’re like Fifty Shades, is that you don’t care about the characters and whether they end up together or not.  Despite Sara and Chris’s many faults, you root for them.  You want their relationship to succeed.  And at the end of this book, you can’t wait to see where it goes.  This is chick lit worth reading in all its dark and twisty glory.

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