REVIEW: Much Ado About Nothing by Shanna Swendson


4 years.  That’s how long I’ve been waiting for the conclusion of Shanna Swendson’s Enchanted, Inc. series.  I missed Katie Chandler.  I missed Owen Palmer.  And I missed the myriad of characters populating Swendson’s world.  And just when I’d come to terms with not knowing how these characters would end up, Shanna Swendson’s 5th book of the series pops up on NetGalley.  And all was well with the world.  In this final installment, Katie is at it again.  Not only is she drafted to save Enchanted, Inc. by coming up with a stellar marketing strategy her first day back on the job.  But she has to help her super-wizardy, super-hot boyfriend, Owen Palmer, fight against the current crime wave crippling New York City.  As with any long-awaited final installment of a series, there are certain questions the reader expects to be answered.  What is Owen’s true parentage?  Will he and Katie end up together?  And who is really behind the plot to takeover the magical world?  Thankfully, Shanna Swendson answers all those questions.  And overall, I enjoyed reading this book.  It felt like sitting down with an old friend, I hadn’t spoken to in years.  There’s a certain amount of awkwardness in the beginning.  But after a time, there’s a comfortable rhythm you settle into.  Even though I REALLY did not like the end of Owen’s storyline (side eyes Shanna),  I thoroughly enjoyed everything else.  Kudos to Swendson for writing chick lit worth reading.

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