REVIEW: The Angel by Tiffany Reisz


Tiffany Reisz is messing with my mind.  She is.  I swear she is.  She’s sitting somewhere with her fingers steepled under her chin, grinning like a cheshire cat, and wondering just how confused and frustrated I will be after reading the most recent installment of her Sinners erotica series.  Well, Tiffany, I’m very confused.  I’m very frustrated.  And I am very, very happy about it.  In this wonderfully annoying novel, Nora and all her kinky cronies are back.  Including the enigmatic and super-sexy Søren, the beautifully shy Michael, and the über wealthy Kingsley Edge.   The story picks up with Nora and Søren resuming their D/s relationship.  But before we can fully appreciate what that is, an attractive reporter comes digging for dirt in the midst of a possible promotion for Søren.  And Nora and Michael must go into hiding to protect Søren and all of their dark and twisty secrets.  Now I can’t go in to all the twists and turns that Reisz lays out in the book.  Because there are simply too many, and she’s too good of a writer to give anything away.  But I can tell you my head was spinning with all the different turns each character took in this book, especially Søren.  I hated Søren. I couldn’t stand him in the first book.  I didn’t understand his power. I couldn’t understand the appeal for Nora.  Or why she went back to him in the end.  But then Reisz pulled back the layers to Søren.  And I was forced to rethink everything I’d assumed about him.  I’m still not convinced that Nora should end up with Søren.  But I appreciate her attraction much better after reading this.  And if that wasn’t enough, Tiffany Reiz throws another curveball with the character of Michael.  Even though he was introduced in The Siren, readers didn’t get any real sense of who he was or how he would fit into this world.  But Reiz lays out an extremely compelling story for Michael and his journey of self-discovery.  One that I found a joy to read.  Of course, by the end of the book, I still had more questions than answers.  But I assume that’s exactly what Tiffany wanted.  And I am happy with whatever she wants to give me. This is certainly what you would call chick lit worth reading.

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