REVIEW: Babycakes by Donna Kauffman

Kit Bellamy is going through a rough time.  She’s just had her family business taken away from her…by her sister’s husband.  And the family home she loved so much, has been lost to the bank.  With no job, no home, and now no family, Kit is looking to get out of Atlanta as fast as possible.  And re-build her life in Sugarberry Island.  In this third installment of the Cupcake Club by Donna Kauffman, the ladies are at it again.  Working hard to fix each others’ lives AND make the best cupcakes this side of the Mississippi Delta.  And yes, Alva is back, bossier than ever!  Kit moves to Sugarberry and promptly starts work at Lani’s bakery.  And finds herself hard at work, building up Lani’s brand new Online business.  But just as Kit starts to settle in, she realizes that she’s not the only new resident in town.  Morgan Westlake and his orphaned niece have moved in to escape the claws of his family in Atlanta.  Morgan is a compassionate environmental lawyer who is now raising his niece after his brother and sister-in-law died in a car crash.  And he’s damn good-looking too. But unfortunately for Kit, he is also a Westlake.  The powerful family that helped to take Kit’s business away from her.  As you can imagine, Kit and Morgan spend the whole time trying to negotiate that awful incident with their burgeoning love affair.  For this installment, Donna Kauffman gives us a more somber story than previous books.  Between the deaths of little Lilly’s parents, and Kit losing her family, it feels like a book that belongs in a different series.  Despite the oh-so-familiar characters sprinkled throughout.  But don’t let that turn you off.  Kauffman still weaves an interesting tale.  That encourages the reader to really root for Kit and Morgan.  It did take me awhile to get into the rhythm of reading such a dialogue heavy novel.  That was something I wasn’t used to.  But I was still able to enjoy Kit and Morgan’s unlikely love story.  And I got some really great recipes out of the book as well.  This is chick lit worth reading.

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Reviewer Girl with her head in the Romance clouds. Love to review and discuss British and American Chick Lit, American Contemporary Romance, and page-turning Fiction.
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