REVIEW: Rescue My Heart by Jill Shalvis


I have a real love/didn’t really like it relationship with Jill Shalvis.  While I loved Books  2 and 3 of her Lucky Harbor series, I didn’t really like books 1 and 4.  I loved Book 1 of her Sky Air series, but I didn’t really like 2 and 3.  So, when I saw Rescue My Heart, Shalvis’s 3rd novel in the Animal Magnetism series on Netgalley, I knew there’d be a 50/50 shot of me loving it.  And in the reading world, those are really good odds.  In our 3rd visit to Belle Haven, Shalvis finally gives us the love story between the recluse Adam Connelly, and his onetime, tough-as-nails lover, Holly Reid.  Holly’s father has gone missing in the Bitterroot Mountain, and she enlists Adam to help find him.  And as you might have guessed, love ensues ( in a very circuitous way).  What Jill Shalvis manages to do so well in this book is explore how a broken down man and a closed-off woman can find love again.   Adam has never been the same since he’s come back from the War.  And Holly can’t seem to let go of the horrible pain and deceit she suffered from her first husband.  As a reader, you like and care about these 2 people.  And you really root for them to get together.  And as a person who’s seen what PTS can really do to ex-soldiers and their loved ones, I applaud Shalvis courage to make that apart of Holly and Adam’s love story.  But that doesn’t keep me from thinking the book feels rushed.  Maybe because part of their love story happens before the book starts.  Or maybe it’s because the book is fairly short, at a little over 300 pages.  I’m not sure.  But after finishing the book, I couldn’t help think “Is this it?”.  Of course, the best novels always leave us wanting more.  But this one made me feel as if I had no real handle on the characters or their love story.  You should decide for yourself.  Because this is still chick lit worth reading.

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