REVIEW: Royal Pain by Megan Mulry

Men can make you do some stupid things. They can convince you to give them all of your savings, even though you can’t really afford it. And they can make you doubt your intelligence and self-confidence, when you know deep down you’ve got plenty of that in spades.  But when a man makes you fall head-over-heels in love with him, he can make you throw the life you love right out the window of your 4th floor apartment.  Go downstairs and kick it in the head a thousand times.  And then light it on fire and watch it go up in flames.  That’s not quite what happens to our heroine, Bronte Talbot, but it’s close.   Bronte thought she’d found The One.  But what is so often the case, she only finds The One Right Now.  Unfortunately, she doesn’t realize it until AFTER she’s moved to Chicago to be with him.  A year later, we find Bronte still in Chicago, alone and working to get her life in New York back.  And she’s well on her way, when she meets British doctoral student, Max Heyworth.  Bronte thinks that Max would make the perfect Transitional Guy.  Until he tells her he’s royalty and has to move back to Britain and be the Duke he was born to be.  Bronte once again finds herself faced with a choice of uprooting her life for a man or continuing her path back to New York.  Now ladies, I know what you’re thinking.  Choosing between being an ad woman or married to a Duke, the choice should be a no brainer.  You’d choose to be Royal any day of the week, and twice on Sunday.  But would you really?  Would you give up the life you like (a second time) to follow a man back to his life? And what if you did make that choice?  Could you really through off your American democratic skin so quickly?  And take up a life that plays by a decidedly different set of rules and regulations?   First time novelist, Megan Mulry, takes a realistic view into what it would take for an American woman to give up her American life and try to fit in to a British royal family for the man she loves.  What is so great about this book is that Mulry weaves an honest tale of romance in with a classic chick lit story element of female self-awareness.  Which makes you love the 2 characters and their relationship, but you also root for Bronte no matter what her decision is.  I loved reading this book.  And I was surprised and pleased at the quality of storytelling for a first time novelist.  This really is chick lit worth reading.

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