REVIEW: A Night of No Return by Sarah Morgan


I am in love with Sarah Morgan.  It’s a young love.  But a deep one.  I first met her a few short months ago.  When I saw a super corny title called Doukaki’s Apprentice.  Obviously, I scoffed at the title.  But then I read the summary and decided to give it a try.  And I loved it.  Then I read The Greek’s Innocent Virgin.  Super loved it!  Then Twelve Nights of Christmas.  Super, super loved it with extra sauce on the side!  And it just went on and on and on from there.  So when her latest novel A Night of No Return showed up on NetGalley, I had to read it.  And of course, as always, Sarah Morgan does not disappoint.  This is the typical boss/secretary love story.  Secretary dedicates herself completely to a boss who’s closed off.  But somehow manages to stumble into his heart.  Emma Gray, secretary to the overly serious tycoon Lucas Jackson, decides to personally deliver an important file to his home in the midst of a snowstorm.  And as you can imagine they get stuck and so begins the love story.  Reading this book feels like sitting in your favorite chair, reading a book you’ve read dozens of times before.  And it still puts a smile on your face.  That is the magic of Sarah Morgan’s books.  You instantly know who the characters.  You figure out the story pretty quickly.  And if anyone else was writing the book, you’d be bored out of your mind.  But in the hands of Sarah Morgan, the predictability of the book brings you comfort instead of boredom.  I realize for some readers, Sarah Morgan’s books may be too melodramatic.  But I like a little melodrama on my reading lists.  And I only trust Ms. Morgan to give me the best melodrama.  And this is melodrama worth reading.

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