ARC REVIEW: Over The Edge by Suzanne Carroll



Girl is engaged to guy.  Guy’s a dick.  Girl dumps guy.  Girl then meets Other Guy who isn’t a dick. But Girl can’t trust her feelings for Other Guy, because Girl is now a damaged idiot.  So goes the story of Over The Edge, the delightful debut novel from Suzanne Carroll.  Although, I don’t think the publishers would describe it in exactly that way.  They’d say something like “Newly single Zoe is on the cusp of a new life.  Travel, career, freedom from romantic entanglements- it’s all on the horizon, until she spies her handsome boss stumbling his way through a waltz.  What starts as dancing lessons becomes more, and Zoe questions where her choices are taking her.  But by the time she realizes what she wants, it just might be too late”.  But since you know this is wonderfully light, chick lit fluff it will probably not be too late. I found Zoe so incredibly relatable.  I kept saying to my iPad, “I know Zoe, I’ve been there.”  What girl hasn’t fallen in love with the completely wrong person.  Only to find the right person a little too late.  Suzanne Carroll does a good job pulling us in from the beginning and keeping us on the crazy ride that is Zoe’s not-so-midlife crisis.  She also does an EXCELLENT job giving us a surprisingly interesting billionaire.  Which is hard to do in this Post Fifty Shades world of chick lit.  It seems every love story I read has a moody, hot billionaire in it.  But despite my initial groan (that made heads turn at the coffee shop) at finding out Angus Creed’s was a young self-made billionaire, Carroll does just enough to make the reader root for him and Zoe’s relationship.  I would have liked a subplot and a less predictable bad guy (or girl, in this case).  But all-in-all, this was a worthy chick lit read on a lazy day in California.

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